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Author/Artist Seyffarth, Gustav, 1796-1885.
Title Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca Manuscripta, 1826-1830 / Gustav Seyffarth.
Uniform title Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca.
Other title Bibliotheca Aegptiaca Manuscripta.
Hieroglyphics, collected by the Egyptian Society; arranged by Thomas Young; London : Howlatt and Brimmer printers, 1823-1828.
Description 15 royal folio volumes.
Arrangement 11,546 consecutively numbered copies of inscriptions, mostly Egyptian, arranged in 14 volumes with a 15th index volume : v.I, 1-2020, Scarabaei Aegypt. Taurin. Roman. Lugdun. Lugdun. Bat. : [v.II, 'Hieroglyphics, collected by the Egyptian Society, arranged by Thomas Young'.] : v.III, 2299-3291, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Romana, Neapolitana, Florentina, Mediolaneasia, Monachica, Lugdunensia Batanorum, 1826 : v.IV, 3292-4113, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Lugdunensia, : v.V, 4114-4249, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Parisina, : v.VI, 4250-6282, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Parisina,1828-29 : v.VII 6283-7828 Monumenta Aegyptiaca Taurinensia, : v.VIII, 7829-8115 Monumenta Aegyptiaca Taurinensia, : v.IX, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Taurinensia, : v.X, 9185-9505, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Taurinensia, 1828 : v.XI, 9506-9720 Monumenta Aegyptiaca Londinensia, Oxoniensia, Cantabrigiensia, : v.XII 9721-10958a, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Londinensia, Oxoniensia, Cantabrigiensia,1-2, 1829 : v.XIII, 10958b-11273, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Berolenensia, : v.XIV, 11274-11546, Monumenta Aegyptiaca Vienensia, Pragensia, Gothana, Petropolitana aliaque, 1830 seg. Indices ad Bibliothecam meam Aegyptiacam 1-14, 1-11361-11484, 1829-1830.

Call numberPE10 Se3b
LocationBrooklyn Wilbour SCR Oversize 
Library holdingsv.1-v.15
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Note V.1 has a handwritten dedication by the author: "The Institute for preserving and cultivating the Egyptian and Coptic literature, dedicated to all future nations of our country, by Prof. G. Seyffarth Phila. & Theol. Dr. 1884"--on inside cover.
Several handwritten sheets are tipped into the inside cover of v.1 containing notes and lists of museums and collections visited by Seyffarth in the course of his research. Other notes, letters and ephemera pertaining to these volumes are tipped in at various points.
V.2 is one of 200 copies of the title 'Hieroglyphics, collected by the Egyptian Society'; arranged by Thomas Young which was privately printed for subscribers by Howlatt and Brimmer printers in London for the Egyptian Society; Records of the New York Historical Society note the title "Hieroglyphics Collected by the Egypt Society by Thomas Young, London, 1823" are bound to match the 14 volumes of Seyffarth; The spine label on the binding of v. 2 says “Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca- no.2022-2298” , although the contents do not follow this numbering scheme. V.2 contains notes by Seyffarth on the inside cover: "Tabulas [ ] voluminis [series of plate numbers] emendani Londoni 1829 Seyffarth (signed). [Tables [in this] volume [series of plate numbers] corrected, London 1829 Seyffarth].
Summary Seyffarth's hand drawn copies, tracings, squeezes and rubbings of hieroglyphics and sketches, as well as a few cuneiform and meso-American monuments.
Cite as Seyffarth, Gustav, Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca 1826-1830, The Wilbour Library of Egyptology, The Brooklyn Museum.
Indexes Index in vol. XV.
Biographical/historical note Gustav Seyffarth was a German-American orientalist, archaeologist, Egyptologist, and theologian who claimed to be the first to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. During the years 1826-1829 Seyffarth travelled widely, examining Egyptian objects and monuments and copying them. These early copies consisted of wet-paper impressions, impressions in wax, pencil rubbings, tracings and free-hand drawings. The finished copies were afterwards gathered together and bound into the Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca Manuscripta.
Source of acquisition Seyffarth Papers Transfer from the Department of Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Middle Eastern Art.
LC subject Egyptian language -- Writing, Hieroglyphic.
Inscriptions, Egyptian.
Coptic language -- Inscriptions.
Brooklyn Museum.
Wilbour Library of Egyptology.
Egyptian language -- Writing, Hieroglyphic -- Collections of hieroglyphs.
Egyptian language -- Writing, Hieroglyphic -- Decipherment.
WorldCat no. 122514754

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