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Author/Artist Vrancx, Sebastiaen, 1573-1647.
Title The Aeneid (Books I-XII).
Constituent unit The Aeneid (Book I, lines 124 ff.: Quos Ego).
The Aeneid (Book I, lines 184 ff.: Aeneas Hunting in Carthage).
The Aeneid (Book I, lines 223-256: Venus Intercedes with Jupiter).
The Aeneid (Book I, lines 314 ff.: Venus Disguised as a Huntress tells Aeneas of Dido and Carthage).
The Aeneid (Book I, lines 418-463: Aeneas and Achates Outside the Temple of Juno).
The Aeneid (Book I, lines 695 ff.: The Feast of Dido).
The Aeneid (Book II, lines 437 ff.: The Fall of Troy).
The Aeneid (Book III, lines 1 ff: Leaving Troy).
The Aeneid (Book III, lines 147 ff.: The Penates Appear to Aeneas in a Dream).
The Aeneid (Book IV, lines 9 ff.: Anna and Dido Discuss Aeneas).
The Aeneid (Book IV, lines 129-172: The Hunt and the Cave).
The Aeneid (Book IV, lines 173-237: Fama Tells the World of the Union between Dido and Aeneas and Jupiter Sends Mercury to Aeneas to Tell him to Leave Carthage).
The Aeneid (Book IV, lines 305 ff.: Aeneas Bids Farewell to Dido).
The Aeneid (Book IV, lines 416 ff. or 478 ff.: Anna and Dido).
The Aeneid (Book IV, lines 554 ff.: Mercury Bids Aeneas to Leave Carthage).
The Aeneid (Book V, lines 721 ff.: Anchises Appears to Aeneas in a Dream).
The Aeneid (Book VI, lines 285 ff.: Aeneas Enters the Underworld).
The Aeneid (Book VI, lines 450 ff.: Aeneas Begs Dido's Forgiveness).
The Aeneid (Book VI, lines 548 ff.: In the Underworld).
The Aeneid (Book VII, lines 10-20: Circe Enticing Aeneas).
The Aeneid (Book VII, lines 290 ff.: Trojans Building their Homes).
The Aeneid (Book VII, lines 323-405: Allecto Maddens Queen Amata).
The Aeneid (Book VII, lines 373 ff.: Amata's Dance).
The Aeneid (Book VII, lines 413 ff.: Alecto Appearing to Turnus).
The Aeneid (Book VII, lines 475-571: Ascanius Kills Sylvia's Stag).
The Aeneid (Book VIII, lines 81 ff.: The Sow Appears at the Place Rome is to be Founded).
The Aeneid (Book VIII, lines 366 ff.: Evander Welcomes Aeneas).
The Aeneid (Book VIII, lines 416 ff.: Vulcan Forging Aeneas' Arms).
The Aeneid (Book VIII, lines 615 ff.: Venus Gives Aeneas his Arms).
The Aeneid (Book IX, lines 1 ff.: Iris Telling Turnus that Aeneas has left to Seek Reinforcements among the Tuscans).
The Aeneid (Book IX, lines 25-68: Turnus and Horseman Storm the Trojan Camp and Challenge them to a Fight).
The Aeneid (Book IX, lines 314 ff.?: Euryalus and Nisus?).
The Aeneid (Book IX, lines 473 ff.: Euraylus' Mother Consoled).
The Aeneid (Book X, lines 1-162: Council of the Gods).
The Aeneid (Book XI, lines 100-138?: Aeneas Grants Peace?).
The Aeneid (Book XI, lines 236 ff.: Latin Council?).
The Aeneid (Book XI, lines 496 ff.: Battle between Trojans and Latins).
The Aeneid (Book XI, lines 785-835: Death of Camilla).
The Aeneid (Book XII, lines 134 ff: Juno Speaks to Juterna).
The Aeneid (Book XII, lines 161-175: Aeneas and Latinus Sacrifice).
The Aeneid (Book XII, lines 791-842: Jupiter Orders Juno to Stop Interfering).
Publisher/Date ca. 1615.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a drawing.
Dimensions/Medium 115 x 150 mm.
black chalk with pen and brown ink, washed with brown ink and highlighted with white.
Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Vrancx, Sebastiaan, 400, The Aeneid (series)(drawings)    NON-REQUESTABLE
Series Virgil. Aeneis.
Current repository dispersed.
Subject One of at least sixty-eight drawings illustrating Virgil's Aeneid, originally with text underneath the images.
Related works The drawings have been widely dispersed (see Frick Library photograph files).
Sources Wood Ruby, Louisa. "Sebastiaen Vrancx as Illustrator of Virgil's 'Aeneid.'" Master Drawings. 28, 1 (1990): 54-73.
LC subject Vrancx, Sebastiaen, 1573-1647.
Veen, Otto van, 1556-1629.
Goltzius, Hendrik, 1558-1617.
Art, Flemish.
Other subject Drawings: Mythological.
Genre/Form Flemish School.
Drawings (visual works)
Other author Veen, Otto van, 1556-1629, former attribution.
Goltzius, Hendrik, 1558-1617, former attribution.
Related corporate bodies Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Vrancx, Sebastiaan, 1573/8-1647.

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