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Artist Anonymous, Italian School, Rimini, active 14th century.
Title The Birth of St. John the Baptist.
Date 14th century.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a detached fresco.
Dimensions/Medium 59 7/8 x 57 1/2 in.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Rimini School (14th century) 711a    NON-REQUESTABLE
Provenance (a) Section of a fresco cycle in S. Lucia, Fabriano, later detached from the wall;
(a) this section was turned over by the owner of the series to the government;
(a) Palazzo Venezia, Rome (b)(as Master of the Urbino Coronation);
(a) Palazzo Barberini, Rome (F.N. 699).
Current repository Palazzo Barberini, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome, Italy, F.N. 699, public.
Condition history (b) Restored, by Augusto Cicconi Principi, 1947.
Attribution history (a) Attributed to Italian School, Roman - 14th c. by Nolfo di Carpegna. This attribution was given at one time due to an error, thinking that the fresco came from a demolished house in Rome; (f) Italian School, Roman - 14th c. by Nolfo di Carpegna, 1925; (a) Italian School, Rimini by Lavagnino. Rimini charateristics; (a) Italian School, Rimini - 14th c. by Longhi. Belongs to another detached fresco, a Crucifixion, in the Boston Museum; (a) Follower of Pietro da Rimini by Toesca; (a) Master of the Urbino Coronation by Salmi. The master came perhaps from Rimini, but shows the influence of Bolognese painters. He worked in the Marches around the middle and in the last half of the 14th century.
Subject (c) The Virgin is offering St. Elizabeth some food.
Images Photograph, Alinari, Florence 40794 Purchase Alinari, Florence
Digital image, 10656.tif photograph March 6, 1999
Sources (a) Catalogo della Galleria Nazionale, Palazzo Barberini, Nolfo di Carpegna, Rome, Italy, 1953, pp.39 to 40.
(b) Catalogue of Palazzo Venezia, Santangelo, Rome, Italy, 1948, pp.6 to 7.
(c) Frick Art Reference Library, June 1954.
(d) Lavagnino, Il Medioevo, 1936, p.699.
(e) Hermanin, L'Arte in Roma, 1945, p.344.
(f) Catalogue Palazzo Venezia, Rome, Hermanin, 1925, p.32.
(g) Federico Zeri, Proporzioni, 1950, p.36.
(h) D.M. Hoffman, Saint Joseph Magazine,, June 1954, p.31.
LC subject Anonymous, Italian School, Rimini, active 14th century.
Art, Italian.
Other subject Book illustrations, dramatizations, representations of legends, etc.
Form Italian School.
Other author Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 14th century, former attribution.
Pietro, da Rimini, active 14th century, follower of, former attribution.
Master of the Urbino Coronation, active approximately 14th century, former attribution.
Related corporate bodies Galleria nazionale d'arte antica (Italy)
Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Rimini School (14th century), 14th C.

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