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Artist Anonymous, Italian School, Florentine, active 15th century.
Title Decollation of the Baptist.
Date 15th century.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a painting.
Dimensions/Medium 45 1/4 x 28 3/8 in.
114.9 x 72.1 cm.
canvas on panel.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Florentine School (15th century) 703f    NON-REQUESTABLE
Provenance (a) Opera del Duomo, Florence, Italy, 73, guardaroba, over doorway, sala II; as Florentine, early 15th century.
Current repository Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence, Italy, public.
Condition history (b) Entirely repainted.
Attribution history (c) Italian School, Florentine by F. Mason Perkins, 1926.
Images Photograph, Giacomo Brogi, Florence 19756 Purchase Giacomo Brogi, Florence
Digital image, 234.tif photograph March 6, 1999
Sources (a) Catalogo del Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, 1904, pp.36 to 37.
(b) Cruttwell, Florentine Churches, 1908, p.221.
(c) F. Mason Perkins, annotation on Brogi photograph, 1926
LC subject Anonymous, Italian School, Florentine, active 15th century.
Art, Italian.
Other subject New Testament.
Form Italian School.
Paintings (visual works)
Related corporate bodies Museo dell'Opera del Duomo.
Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Florentine School (15th century), 15th C.

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