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Artist Moore, Joseph Thoits, 1796-1854, attributed to.
Title Daniel Perrin Bestor.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a painting.
Dimensions/Medium 28 x 23 1/2 in.
oil on canvas mounted on Masonite.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Moore, Joseph Thoits, 100, Daniel Perrin Bestor    NON-REQUESTABLE
Provenance (a) Mrs. F.L. DuValle, great-granddaughter of the subject, Mobile, Alabama.
Current repository Mrs. F.L. DuValle, Mobile, Alabama, United States, private.
Color notes (b) Brown hair and eyes. Black coat, white collar, stock, and waistcoat. Warm brown background.
Attribution history (a) Attributed in 1950 to Thomas Sully by August Trovaioli; (b) not listed in Sully Register; resembles the work on Joseph Thoits Moore; (c) listed as attributed to J.T. Moore.
Subject (a) Daniel Perrin Bestor, born February 1797 in Suffield, Connecticut, died April 9, 1869. Son of Daniel Perrin Bestor of Connecticut, who was a French Huguenot extraction, and served as a Major in the Revolution. After finishing his classical education, the subject went to Lexington, Kentucky, and studied law. He came under the influence of Dr. Fishback and began to preach at age 22. He removed to Athens, Georgia, in 1819; later to La Grange where he was head of a school; moved to Greensboro in 1833 where he established a female academy. In 1846, he settled in Sumter County and devoted himself to farming and preaching. In 1856, he bought a plantation in Mississippi, making his residence in Mobile part of the time. He was a Baptist pastor at Columbus, and also served at Spring Hill, Alabama, Gainesville, Sumterville, Livingston and Mobile always without remuneration. He was a member of the legislature of Alabama and Mississippi, and trustee of the University of Alabama. He married in 1826 Elizabeth J. Townes, daughter of Major John L. Townes of Amelia County, Virginia, who served in the War of 1812, located in Madison County, Alabama, and was a member of the 1819 State Constitutional Convention.
Images Photograph, Thurman Rotan 52050 Frick Art Reference Library, New York (FARL) negative
Digital image, 52050_POST.tif negative
Sources (a) Mrs. F.L. DuValle, March 22, 1954.
(b) Library staff, March 22, 1954, November 1954, and March 1969.
(c) National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Alabama, Historical Activities Committee. Alabama Portraits Prior to 1870. Mobile, 1969, p.20.
LC subject Moore, Joseph Thoits, 1796-1854.
Bestor, Daniel Perrin, 1797-1869.
Art, American.
Other subject Portraits: Men.
Form American School.
Paintings (visual works)
Related corporate bodies Frick Art Reference Library.
Private collection Mrs. F.L. DuValle, art collection.
Frick artist name form Moore, Joseph Thoits, 1796-1854, attributed to.
Variant attribution Sully, Thomas attributed to.
Moore, Joseph Thoits attributed to.
Fund Record created with funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities.
Record created with funding from The Henry Luce Foundation.

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