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Artist Anonymous, Italian School, North Italian, active 16th century, attributed to.
Title The Annunciation (Part I).
Date c. 1500.
Found In The Annunciation to the Madonna of Her Approaching Death.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a painting.
Dimensions/Medium 37 7/8 x 38 13/16 in.
96.2 x 98.6 cm.
oil on panel.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  North Italian School (16th century) 703a I    NON-REQUESTABLE
Series Annunciation to the Madonna of Her Approaching Death.
Provenance (a and k) Gift of Edward W. Forbes to the Fogg Museum, Cambridge (1910.122).
Current repository Fogg Museum, Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, Gift of Edward W. Forbes, 1910.122, public.
Sourced updates Medium: (k) Oil on panel. Dimensions: (k) 37 7/8 x 38 13/16 in. (96.2 x 98.6 cm.)
Condition history (a) The panel of the Bearing the body of the Madonna to the Sepulchre is a ruined and much repainted fragment.
Color notes (a) The picture is fine in colour. The reds are the strongest note, as is usually in this case.
Attribution history (a) Follower of Conrad Witz, dated to circa 1500. It was painted in Basle. This is the opinion of more one critic; (d) Attributed to Italian School, North by Charles Sterling. Certainly not of the School of Aix. If French, could be only of the School of Eastern Provence, close to the Ligurian border and more Italian than French; (d) Attributed to French School - 16th c. by Frick Art Reference Library; (e) Attributed to Italian School, North - 16th c. by , July 1942; (k) French School (16th century).
Images Photograph, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge photograph Gift Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge
Digital image, 9171.tif photograph March 6, 1999
Sources (a) Catalogue of Fogg Art Museum, 1919, pp.279 to 281, fig.59.
(b) Frick Art Reference Library, October 1929.
(c) Fogg Art Museum letter in reply to inquiry about present attribution, 14 June 1942.
(d) Charles Sterling, note attached to old mounts.
(e) Frick Art Reference Library, July 1942.
(f) Archiv f. Künstgeschicte, vol.ii, 1913, no.33.
(g) Harvard Graduates Magazine, June 1910, p.703.
(h) American Journal of Archaeology, 2nd ser. ed., vol.xviii, January to March 1914, figs.1 and 124.
(i) Bernath, Archiv f. Künstgeschicte: New York und Boston, vol.ii, 1913, pp.60 to 61, no.33.
(j) Bulletin, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, August 1913, p.39.
(k) Fogg Museum, Cambridge, Website, December 2010.
LC subject Anonymous, Italian School, North Italian, active 16th century.
Art, Italian.
Other subject New Testament.
Form Italian School.
Paintings (visual works)
Related corporate bodies Fogg Art Museum.
Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form North Italian School (16th century), 16th C., attributed to.
Variant attribution Witz, Conrad, follower of.
French School (16th century).
French School (15th century).

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