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Artist Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 5th century, attributed to.
Title Old Testament Scenes (Part XX: Story of Moses).
Date 5th century.
Found In Old Testament Scenes (Parts I-XXIX).
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a mosaic.
Dimensions/Medium mosaic.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Roman School (5th century) 780 R66 Sa55Na Part XX    NON-REQUESTABLE
Series Old Testament Scenes.
Provenance (d) Brought from an earlier edifice and mounted in 36 rectangular compartments above architrave of nave, Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome.
Current repository Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy, public.
Condition history (f) A frieze of small mosaic pictures unbroken, except where six of the subjects have been cut away to make room for transeptal arches in front of the two great side chapels.
Attribution history (g, j, and l) Anonymous - 5th century (j) as per Lavagnino e Moschini, circa 1924. Replaced by Sixtus III in his new building of the 5th century, (l) by Anthony, 1935, (g) by Dalton, 1911. They are believed to be of this century but may be of an earlier date; (k) anonymous - 4th cent. by Sherrill, 1933. Liberian; (e and f) Italian School, Roman - 2nd quarter 5th cent., (e) by Crowe and Cavalcaselle, 1897. Finished middle of the 5th century. Also discussed by Lafenestre and Richtenberger who list only 27 mosaics, 15 to the left and 12 to the right. (f) Dated to 440 by Hare and Baddeley, 1909. Dated to the pontificate of Pope Liberius, who constructed the original basilica on this site, which was rebuilt by Pope Sixtus III, 432-440. (h and i) Attributed to Italian School, Roman - 3rd quarter 4th cent., by Wilpert, 1917; (h) dated to 352-366, (i) by van Marle, 1923.
Subject (e) Thirty-three mosaics from the Old Testament. Nineteen to the right represent scenes from the lives of Moses and Joshua; the fourteen on the left represent scenes from the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Images Photograph, Alinari, Florence 30139 Purchase, Alinari, Florence (detail, Moses rebukes Korah and his followers; the Lord protects Moses, Joshua and Caleb from stoning).
Digital image, 10739z.tif photograph, March 6, 1999.
Sources (a) Lafenestre and Richtenberger, Rome, vol.I, 1903, pp.214-215.
(b) Anderson, Roma e Dintorni, 1927, pp.11-12.
(c) Roma II, pp.138-139.
(d) Touring Club Italia, Roma e Dintorni, 1938, p.215.
(e) Crowe and Cavacaselle, History of Painting in Italy, L. Douglas ed., vol.I, 1903, pp.11, 13, and 26.
(f) Hare and Baddeley, Walks in Rome, 1909, p.391.
(g) Dalton, Byzantine Art and Archaeology, 1911, pp.338-340 (see p.338, no.1 and 339, no.2, for further bibliography).
(h) Wilpert, Romischen Mosaiken und Malereien, vol.III, 1917, fig.36766 (see also index to text with plate index, p.V-VI).
(i) Van Marle, Italian Schools of Painting, vol.I, 1923, pp.5, 7, and 26 (see p.7, no.2, for further bibliography).
(j) Lavagnino and Moschini, Sta. Maria Maggiore, circa 1924, p.50 (Le Chiese, etc., no. 7).
(k) Sherrill, Mosaics, 1933, pp.230-231.
(l) Anthony, A History of Mosaics, 1935, pp.70-72; 75-76.
(m) Frick Art Reference Library, 1940.
(n) E. Tea, Rassegna d'Arte, 1922, p.10.
LC subject Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 5th century.
Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 4th century.
Art, Italian.
Other subject Mosaics.
Form Italian School.
Mosaics (visual works)
Other author Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 4th century, alternate attribution.
Related corporate bodies Santa Maria Maggiore (Church : Rome, Italy)
Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Roman School (5th century), 5th C., attributed to.

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