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Artist Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 9th century, attributed to.
Title Christ, Virgin, Saints, and Angels (Part III: North Wall).
Date 9th century.
Found In Christ, Virgin, Saints, and Angels (Parts I-VI).
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a mosaic.
Dimensions/Medium mosaic.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Roman School (9th century) 780 R66 Sa26a Part III    NON-REQUESTABLE
Series Christ, Virgin, Saints, and Angels.
Provenance (e and f) Ceiling and upper half of four walls, also upper half of north exterior wall, Cappella di San Zenone (third chapel, right aisle) (g and h) (Cappella della Colonna), Santa Passede, Rome.
Current repository S. Prassede, Rome, Italy, public.
Attribution history (a, b, c, and k) Italian School, Roman - 9th cent., (a) by A. Venturi, 1902. In period of Pascal I, (b) by Wilpert, 1917. In period of Pascal I, (c) by van Marle, 1923. In period of Pascal I, (k) by Crowe and Cavalcaselle, 1903. In period of Pascal I; (d and f) Anonymous - 9th cent., (d) by Anthony, 1935, (f) by Touring Club Italia, 1938; (e) anonymous - 6th cent. by van Marle, 1933.
Subject (a and d) SS Peter and Paul pointing to a jewelled throne. The Virgin and St. John the Baptist. St. John the Evangelist and SS James and Andrew. Christ probably between SS Zeno and Valentinian; (c) a descent into the Limbo in the altar; (d) SS Peter and Paul, St. Praxed, SS Pudentia and Agnes. Lamb on the Mount with the Four Rivers and four stags. Busts of Virgin, SS Prassede and Pudenziana; (e) men are admitted by the door. (i) The subjects are identified as SS Peter and Paul pointing to a jewelled throne; a row of four heads; the Virgin and St. John the Baptist; St. John the Evangelist; SS James and Andrew; the Saviour and twelve Apostles; the Virgin and SS Stephen and Lawrence with eight female saints; St. Pudens and St. Pastor.
Images Photograph, Anderson, Rome 3182 Purchase, Anderson, Rome (detail, SS Peter and Paul on either side of a jewelled throne).
Photograph, Alinari, Florence 26718 Purchase, Alinari, Florence (detail, with grating in place of window).
Digital image, GAS10766e.tif (image), March 6, 1999.
Digital image, GAS10766f.tif (image), March 6, 1999.
Sources (a) A. Venturi, Storia dell'Arte Italiana, vol.II, 1902, pp.284-288 (rep. p.247, 249. 251).
(b) Wilpert, Romischen Mosaiken und Malereien, vol.III, 1917, figs.114 and 115, nos.1 and 4 (for text see plate index).
(c) van Marle, Italian Schools of Painting, vol.I, 1923, pp.93-95, and 149 (rep. p.92, 94, 95).
(d) Anthony, A History of Mosaics, circa 1935, pp.147-149, fig.36, figs.127-129.
(e) Sherrill, Mosaics, 1933, pp.238, 240-244.
(f) Touring Club Italia, Roma e Dintorni, 1938, p.213.
(g) Anderson, Roma e Dintorni, 1927, p.17.
(h) Brogi, Napoli e Campania, etc., 1912, p.65.
(i) Hare and Baddeley, Walks in Rome, 1909, pp.379-388.
(j) Frick Art Reference Library, 1940.
(k) Crowe and Cavacaselle, History of Painting in Italy, L. Douglas ed., vol.I, 1903, pp.47-48.
(l) Lafenestre and Richtenberger, Rome, vol.I, 1903, p.232.
LC subject Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 6th century.
Anonymous, Italian School, Roman, active 9th century.
Art, Italian.
Other subject Mosaics.
Form Italian School.
Mosaics (visual works)
Other author Roman School (6th century), active 6th century, attributed to, alternate attribution.
Related corporate bodies S. Prassede (Church : Rome, Italy)
Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Roman School (9th century), 9th C., attributed to.

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