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Artist Hesselius, John, 1728-1778.
Title Mrs. William Fitzhugh (Ann Randolph).
Date c. 1765.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a painting.
Dimensions/Medium 50 x 40 in.
oil on canvas.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Hesselius, John 122-6e2    DIGITIZED
Provenance (a) The presumable provenance of this portrait is as follows: Mrs. William Fitzhugh (Ann Randolph), the subject;
(a) her daughter, Mary Lee Fitzhugh (Mrs. George Washington Parke Custis);
(a) her daughter, Mary Ann Randolph Custis (Mrs. Robert E. Lee);
(a) her son, General William Henry Fitzhugh Lee;
(a) his son, Dr. George Bolling Lee, great-great-grandson of the subject, New York ((g) deceased 1949);
(g) his wife, Mrs. George Bolling Lee, who placed this painting on indefinate loan at the Virginia Historical Society, Richmond;
(j) her daughter, Mrs. A. Smith Bowman (Mary W. Lee), McLean, Virginia.
Current repository Mrs. A. Smith Bowman, Mc Lean, Virginia, United States, private.
Sourced updates Title and attribution: (a) Mrs. William Fitzhugh (Ann Randolph), by John Hesselius. Medium: (a) Oil on canvas.
Color notes (a and e) Blue dress, buff bodice, white lace. Pink and white flowers. Dark olive-brown background. At right center background is a vine-covered rock or tree-trunk.
Attribution history (f) Listed by Binsse as by Wollaston. (a) Now considered by Dr. Pleasants, Mr. Sawitzky and Dr. Bolling Lee to be unmistakably by John Hesselius.
Subject (a) Ann Randolph, born May 13, 1747 and died August 10, 1805, was the daughter of Peter Randolph (1713-1767) and Lucy Bolling, daughter of Colonel Robert Bolling (1682-1749) and Anne Cooke. About 1765, Ann Randolph married William Fitzhugh (1741-1809) of Chatham, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Fitzhugh (1706-1742) and Lucy Carter, daughter of Robert King Carter (1663-1732). (h) A sampler worked by one of their daughters records the date of her parents marriage as April 2, 1763. (a) Their children were Ann Fitzhugh (b.1784), who married Judge William Craik, Mary Lee Fitzhugh (1788-1853), who married George Washington Parke Custis (1781-1857) and was the mother of Robert E. Lee, and William Henry Fitzhugh (1790-1830), who married Maria Goldsborough (1796-1874). (i) According to data taken from entries in the Note Book (Ms.) of Mrs. Matthew Page (Anne Randolph Meade) regarding a visit in 1809-1810 to Ravensworth, the home of the Fitzhughs, the children were Lucy (1771-1777), Betty Randolph (1773-1774), Ann Randolph [sic] (1783-1806), Martha Carter (1786-1793), Mary Lee (b.1788), and William Henry (b.1792).
Images Photograph, Ira W. Martin 12921 Frick Art Reference Library, New York (FARL) negative.
Digital image, 12921_POST.tif negative.
Digital image, 3107100113546_001.tif (image).
Digital image, 3107100113546_002.tif (image).
Digital image, 3107100113546_003.tif (documentation).
Digital image, 3107100113546_004.tif (documentation).
Exhibitions (b) New York, 1930 (28, (c) as Mrs. Fitzhugh Lee (lent by Dr. George Bolling Lee); (d) New York, 1946 (15) (lent by same).
Sources (a) Dr. J. Hall Pleasants, Biographical Index (2891), 1946.
(b) Catalog, Exhibition, Stratford Week, Lucy Lamar Galleries, New York, April 14-19, 1930, n.p. (28).
(c) George L. Upshur, at FARL, April 1930.
(d) Catalog, Exhibition, Stratford: The Lees of Virginia and Their Contemporaries, Knoedler Galleries, New York, April 29 - May 18, 1946, p.24 (15).
(e) FARL (AAB), April 1930.
(f) Bolton, T., and H.L. Binsse, "Wollaton, an Early American Portrait Manufacturer," Antiques, XVI, June 1931, p.50.
(g) Foote, "Charles Bridges, 'Sergeant-Painter of Virginia,' 1735-1740," Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, LX, January 1952, pp.3-55. Tavern, Alexandria, Virginia, April 12 - May 12, 1956, p.41 (89), pl.21.
(h) G.H.S. King, letter dated January 17, 1956.
(i) Dr. J. Hall Pleasants, Biographical Index (2890), 1946.
(j) David Meschutt, letter dated July 25, 1986.
LC subject Hesselius, John, 1728-1778.
Wollaston, John, 1710-1775?
Fitzhugh, Ann Randolph, 1747-1805.
Art, American.
Other subject Portraits: Women: With hands: Head to left.
Form American School.
Paintings (visual works)
Other author Wollaston, John, 1710-1775?, former attribution.
Related corporate bodies Frick Art Reference Library.
Private collection Mrs. A. Smith Bowman, art collection.
Frick artist name form Hesselius, John, 1728-1778.
Fund Record created with funding from The Henry Luce Foundation.
Record created with funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities.

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