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Artist Greco, 1541?-1614, follower of.
Title Saint Simon.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a painting.
Dimensions/Medium 44 x 28 cm.
oil on canvas.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Greco, El 808-1i    NON-REQUESTABLE
Provenance (e) Art market, New York.
Current repository unlocated.
Sourced updates Title and attribution: (d) St. Simon, by the School of El Greco.
Images Photograph, Gift Mrs. Blumenthal (courtesy of Mrs. Blumenthal)
Photograph, Mas, Barcelona Z-5117 Purchase Mas, Barcelona 10/21/1985
Sources (d) Wethey, Harold E. El Greco and His School. Princeton, 1962, v.2, p.257(X-451).
(e) Information from reproduction.
For the artist, see Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century, Frick Art Reference Library, New York, v.2, 1996.
LC subject Greco, 1541?-1614.
Art, Spanish.
Other subject Bible: Saints and angels: Single figures: Male.
Saints-Simon, Apostle.
Form Spanish School.
Paintings (visual works)
Related corporate bodies Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Greco, El, 1541-1614, follower of.
Variant attribution Greco, El.
Variant title St. Philip

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