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Author/Artist Carlsen, Emil, 1848-1932.
Title The Sung Bowl.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a painting.
Dimensions/Medium 20 x 24 in.
oil on canvas.
Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Carlsen, Emil, 100, The Sung Bowl    DIGITIZED
Current repository unlocated.
Images Photograph, Gift Coe Kerr Gallery, New York 5/10/1994
Digital image, 3107100160947_001.tif (image).
Digital image, 3107100160947_002.tif (documentation).
Digital image, 3107100160947_003.tif (image).
Digital image, 3107100160947_004.tif (documentation).
Sources Coe Kerr Gallery, New York, research file archive at the Frick Art Reference Library.
LC subject Carlsen, Emil, 1848-1932.
Art, American.
Other subject Still life.
Genre/Form American School.
Paintings (visual works)
Related corporate bodies Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Carlsen, Emil, 1853-1932.

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