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Artist Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828.
Title Doña Antonia Zárate.
Date 1811.
Description Graphic reproduction(s) with documentation of a painting.
Dimensions/Medium 71 x 58 cm.
oil on canvas.

Location Call Number Vol./Copy Status Information
 Frick Photoarchive Items  Goya, Francisco de 822-12b    NON-REQUESTABLE
Provenance (k) Antonio Gil de Zárate, Madrid, the son of the sitter;
(l) Adelaida Gil y Zárate, widow of Albacete;
(l) reported as in the Havemeyer collection, but (m) Louisine W. Havemeyer records in her memoir that while she and her husband saw both this portrait and another portrait of Zárate by Goya in the home of a female descendant of the sitter in Madrid and made a bid for both works, the owner refused to sell either painting (L. Havemeyer also reports later seeing this work at a "dealer's" on offer for $45,000);
(k and l) Duke of Medina Sidonia, Marquis of Villafranca, Madrid;
(l and n) Howard B. George Collection, New York, from 1923-30;
(l and o) Mrs. Evelyn St. George, London;
(o) her estate sale, Sotheby's, London, July 26, 1939, lot 86 (to Knoedler & Co. for £6,800);
(k, q and r) E. Gimpel and Wildenstein, Paris, in 1911;
(q and r) sold to George Baker, in 1911 (as reported by R. Gimpel: "Un Goya merveilleux, une actrice très belle, à George Baker avec un petit Cuyp pour trente-six mille dollars");
(l) Marshall Field, New York ((p) deceased November 8, 1956);
(l) Countess de Fleur, Paris (?);
(k and l) donated by Armand Hammer of New York to the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, in 1972.
Current repository Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia, public.
Sourced updates Title and attribution: (k) "Antonia Zárate" by Francisco de Goya.
Images Photograph, Casa Moreno photograph 48 Purchase, Casa Moreno, Madrid, September 1939 (as in the collection of the "Viuda de Albacete, Madrid").
Photograph, Foto Gudiol photograph 3090 Purchase, Foto Gudiol, Barcelona, January 13, 1941 (as on the market).
Photograph, Durand-Ruel photograph Gift, Durand-Ruel, 1952.
Photograph, Mas photograph, Barcelona E-5804/G-68317 Purchase, Mas, Barcelona, June 21, 1985 (whole).
Photograph, Mas photograph, Barcelona E-5805 Purchase, Mas, Barcelona, June 21, 1985 (detail of face).
Photograph, Mas photograph, Barcelona E-5806 Purchase, Mas, Barcelona, June 21, 1985 (detail of dress).
Postcard, Hermitage, St. Petersburg (color).
Exhibitions (q) New York, E. Gimpel & Wildenstein, March 1911.
Sources (k) Morales y Marín, José Luis. Goya: Catalogo de la Pintura. Zaragoza, 1994, p.305 (396).
(l) St. Petersburg, The Hermitage. Catalogue of Western European Painting: Spanish Painting. Comp. Ludmila L. Kagané. 1997, pp.90-91 (30).
(m) Havemeyer, Louisine W. Sixteen to Sixty: Memoirs of a Collector. New York, 1993, pp.132-133.
(n) Information from Frick Art Reference Library Photoarchive.
(o) Sale, Sotheby's, London. The Well-known Collection of Important Pictures, the Property of Mrs. Evelyn St. George, dec'd. July 26, 1939, p.27 (86) (priced copy).
(p) Frick Art Reference Library Authority File of Private Collections.
(q) Dr. Diana Kostyrko, The Australian National University, Canberra, email dated May 30, 2012.
(r) Gimpel, René. Journal d'un collectionneur: Marchand de tableaux. Paris, 2011 p.449.
For the artist, see Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century, Frick Art Reference Library, New York, v.2, 1996.
LC subject Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828.
Zárate y Aguirre, Antonia, 1775-1811.
Art, Spanish.
Other subject Portraits: Women: Without hands: With hats.
Form Spanish School.
Paintings (visual works)
Related corporate bodies Hermitage.
Frick Art Reference Library.
Frick artist name form Goya, Francisco de, 1746-1828.

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